Project Group: com.fasterxml.jackson

Jackson BOM

com.fasterxml.jackson : jackson-bom

Bill of Materials pom for getting full, complete set of compatible versions of Jackson components maintained by

Last Version: 2.13.3

Release Date:

Jackson Base

com.fasterxml.jackson : jackson-base

Parent pom for components of Jackson dataprocessor: includes base settings as well as consistent set of dependencies across components. NOTE: NOT to be used by components outside of Jackson: application code should only rely on `jackson-bom`

Last Version: 2.13.3

Release Date:

Jackson parent poms

com.fasterxml.jackson : jackson-parent

Parent pom for all Jackson components

Last Version: 2.13

Release Date:


com.fasterxml.jackson : jackson-datatype-guava

Add-on datatype-support module for Jackson ( that handles Guava ( types (currently mostly just collection ones)

Last Version: 1.9.2

Release Date:


com.fasterxml.jackson : jackson-dataformat-csv

Support for reading and writing CSV-encoded data via Jackson abstractions.

Last Version: 0.5.0

Release Date:

com.fasterxml.jackson : jackson-datatype-json-org

Support for datatypes of "org.json" JSON library (see, mainly to make it easier to upgrade code to Jackson, using automated conversions.

Last Version: 1.8.0

Release Date:


com.fasterxml.jackson : jackson-module-afterburner

Experimental extension to Jackson ( used to enhance access functionality using bytecode generation.

Last Version: 0.7.1

Release Date:

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